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There are many reasons to be involved in the production of live performance and audio recording. The focus comes from an interest in music and those who compose, perform and support the craft. To that end, a short list of services has been developed. Acoustic music is the specialty - classical, choral, chamber and small ensemble. Work is based out of Phoenix, AZ and coverage is available state wide.

Below is a list of services. For more information and rates, feel free to inquire with an email.

Services available
- Freelance tech work at your studio, venue, theatre or festival
- Mixing and amplification of live indoor musical performance
- Mixing of musical performance for live television, radio and web streaming
- Multi-track recording of live musical performance at your venue, theatre or remote location

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Equipment List

Mobile Mix Desk
16ch Allen & Heath analog mixer
2x8ch Yamaha microphone pre-amp

Ashly gates and comps
Ashly equalization
Yamaha REV-500 effects
Tascam CD-01U CD/MP3 player
Motu AD/DA converters
Rack mount PC with dual SSD drives
Symetrix 420 monitor amplifier

4 channel headphone monitor
ADC 52 point patch bays
Multi-channel XLR output panels
Dual source AC power conditioners
Full UPS battery backup

Microphones and Inputs
6 vocal mics - Beyerdynamic and Sony
1 announcer mic - Electrovoice
1 announcer mic - Shure

4 ensemble mics - Beyerdynamic
6 instrument mics - Beyerdynamic
4 instrument mics - DPA
6 overhead mics - Beyerdynamic
8 floor/desk mics - Audio Technica
7 DI boxes - Countryman and Whirlwind

Cordage and Mounts
2 50ft 4ch XLR snakes
1 100ft 6ch XLR snake

1 100ft 20ch XLR snake
1 100ft Ruggedized CAT5 cable
1 300ft Standard CAT5 cable

Single channel mic cords totaling 800ft
2 16ft mic trees with dollies
6 12ft tripod stands
4 Atlas boom stands
4 Atlas straight stands
2 Atlas desk stands

Specialty mic stands, booms and clamps

Fixed Cameras
3 network cameras - Sony

Tally Light Kit
3 mountable tally lights
1 mixer controled relay

2 pass-thru foot switches
300ft of signal cordage

Mains-Monitors and Power
6ch Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers
4ch Shure
auxiliary mixer
4 Yamaha stage monitors
2 JBL M-sound mains
4NL cordage totaling 350ft
120A multi breaker main power distro

12ga distro power cordage totaling 400ft
10ga main power cordage, 50ft



Gepco Cable Reel

Allen Heath Mixer Desk



Allen Heath Mixer Desk

Crown Amp Rack

Allen Heath Mixer Desk

Allen Heath Mixer Desk

Klein Tool Kit

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