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Phosphor's services are suitable for most commercial and architectural requirements. Outdoor, indoor, event, location and studio settings are all possible. Digital equipment is used for most work and film is always available. Phosphor has Profoto lighting, Manfrotto-Avenger grip equipment and Photoflex soft goods on hand at all times, as well as a limited assortment of gels, seamless, scrims and drops.

Please see the following descriptions for rates and pricing. Time is billed only while shooting. Load and Strike time is not billed. The 'Services' section below describes the types of work available along with related terms and rates. Refer to the 'Additional Services' section for available location, studio and production rates. See the 'Equipment' listing for gear included in hourly 'Services' rates. Refer to the 'Additional Details' section to determine if/when travel and expenses are charged.

If you have a unique need for an image, feel free to e-mail an inquiry. New projects and new clients are being sought. To request a portfolio contact:


Commercial / General
Commercial / Product
Portraits and Headshots

Additional Services
Photographic Assistant


Travel Expenses
Reimbursable Expenses
Agency Fees

Commercial / General:
$220US/hour + travel + expenses
$660US/half day + travel + expenses
$1100US/day + travel + expenses
Commercial work includes magazine, brochure, catalog, industrial and commercial web site work. Color calibration photos are included. The client receives complete reproduction and all use rights. Discounts are offered for work that is of commercial, portfolio, or advertising value to Phosphor Photography.


Commercial / Product:
$55US/item + expenses
This is a pricing option for product photography with specific restrictions. The item(s) must weigh less than 10 pounds and be smaller than 12" x 12" x 12" in order to be placed on a shooting table. Travel is not expensed since all the work must be done in house. The item(s) must be shipped or delivered to Phosphor. If five (5) or more similar items are scheduled, a less expensive flat fee will be quoted. Color calibration photos are included. The client receives complete reproduction and all use rights.


$220US/hour + travel + expenses
$660US/half day + travel + expenses
$1100US/day + travel + expenses
Architectural work includes interiors, exteriors, landscapes and abstracts. High-rise, industrial, public, private, commercial, retail and residential buildings are all possible subjects. The client receives complete reproduction and all use rights. Discounts are offered for work that is of commercial, portfolio, or advertising value to Phosphor Photography.


Portraits and Headshots:
$110US/hour + travel + expenses
For this service the client receives a limited reproduction license. This permits the holder to make prints or use the images on a non-commercial web site. (This rate is intended for independent actors and models, and is not available to agencies or professional talent reps.) Actors and models are given complete reproduction rights for headshots used for promotional purposes. Discounts are offered for work that is of commercial, portfolio, or advertising value to Phosphor Photography.


$110US/hour + travel + expenses
This is a service offered to event planners and entertainment venues. "Roaming Photographer" and informal group portraits are available. Corporate logo graphics can be added for a nominal charge. The Phosphor website has password protected areas for distributing the photos to clients and/or event attendees. Secure web hosting of these photos is available at an extra charge.


Negotiated + travel + expenses
If you have a unique need for an image, feel free to call or send an e-mail. New projects and clients are being sought. A portfolio is available for review.

Photographic Assistant:
US/hour + travel + expenses
Any technical crew assistance required will be charged. This applies to location and studio work.


US/hour + travel + expenses
This includes location scouting, studio preps and procurement.


US/hour + travel + expenses
This includes image sorting, editing and re-touching. Also included is time required for web page development, image file hosting and password protections.


US/hour + travel + expenses
This includes tasks in support of the project especially invoicing, accounting and copyrighting.

Following is a brief listing of equipment on hand. This gear is sufficient to support most projects, and the use of this gear is included in the hourly rates. Any additional equipment required will be included as an expense. Rentals are normally acquired from: Photomark, Tempe Camera, Reel Men Productions and AZ Grip.

· Profoto strobe lighting - four heads, three Acute packs
· Profoto lighting accessories - including zoom and dish reflectors, barn doors, snoots and grids
· Nikon D3X digital SLR - remote operable, triple battery packs and/or AC powered
· Sunpak bracket flash - off camera optional, 510v battery supply
· Wein wireless strobe triggers - 1000ft range
· Color cards and calibration materials
· Manfrotto-Avenger grip equipment - including stands, booms, poles and clamps
· Manfrotto still life shooting table with adjustable translucent top
· Photoflex soft boxes and reflectors - including custom modifications
· Limited assortment of gels, seamless, scrims and drops
· Wheeled Anvil transit cases for ground, freight or air shipment

Travel Expenses:
- Driving mileage will be charged if the distance is greater than 20 miles from AZ zip code 85006.
- The rate of $1/mile for round trip mileage over 40 miles covers the vehicle expense and travel time.
- Transportation expenses for talent and crew may be included if not handled separately.
- Air travel, car rental and per diem will be expensed where applicable.


Reimbursable Expenses:
- Postage and packing for shipment of materials and return of product items.
- Materials/props purchased for a project are considered expendable and are expensed in full.
- Rental charges for any equipment required. This includes supplemental photo gear, lighting, props, wardrobe, costumes, water trucks, screens, drops and other soft goods.

- Consultants, craft and assistants. This includes technicians, carpenters, electricians, drivers, security, stylists and makeup artists.
- Catering for talent, crew and assistants.

- Expenses are billed as a "pass through" and will not be marked up.


Agency Fees:
Not included are any agency and/or booking fees. Phosphor is not represented in the Phoenix area or else where. However, when a one time arrangement occurs, the fee is added.


- Rescheduling with 14 days notice is permitted at no charge.
- Rescheduling without 14 days notice will incur a surcharge. The charge will be 25% of the hourly rate times the number of hours scheduled.
- Deposits are generally not collected, but full payment is required to release images.
- If a letter of credit is on file, customers may maintain an account and receive images immediately. Any balance 30 days past due will incur a 1.5% monthly interest charge.


- A 1.0 hour minimum will be billed.
- Additional time will be charged in 0.25 hour increments.
- Normal delivery of images is via Phosphor's password protected web site.
- Phosphor Photography reserves the right to decline work for any reason.
- The above rates and information are current as of the date below, but are subject to change without notice.

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