Scott Morrow named "Photographer of the Year" by Labelhorde


Labelhorde Fashion Ball - 2004
Bentley Projects Gallery
Phoenix, AZ


During the Labelhorde Fashion Ball at the Bentley Projects Gallery, Scott Morrow was given a Platinum Stitch Award for "Photographer of the Year". It was one of several awards given in recognition of contributions to Labelhorde and the small fashion industry in Phoenix, AZ. Other winners include:

Designer of the Year - Lillian Langford of Jade Lily
Model of the Year - Monica Granillo
Make-up Artist of the Year - Robert Saenz
Hair Stylist of the Year - Ethan Murray owner of Urban Hair
People's Choice Designer of the Year - Jennyvi Dizon of Dizon Designs

In thanks for receiving the award, the following is included.


I'm writing to send a thank you for being voted LH Photographer of the Year. It's an honour to be associated with such a talented group of people. Fashion photography is truly a collaborative effort, and with that in mind I'd like to use this space to thank some of the people I've had the pleasure to work with in the past year . . .

Among the designers, there's Casey Pearson. I first saw her work at the SMoCA show in June of 2003. She opened my eyes as to what was possible in fashion *and* photography. Other designers include Art Matthews, Lillian Langford, Jamie Bowen, Susan DiStaulo, Irina Bremmon, Jennyvi Dizon, Christy Fisher and Monica Russ.

Models I'd like to thank include Monica Granillo, Ayany King, Vanessa Chavez, Daynalyn Wain, Sommer Clifford, Cristina Irimiciuc, Amanda Rule, Mary Marklow, Marchea Humes, Wendee Cohee and Bella Livshiz.

The MUA's are Casey Wallin, Leila Miller, Kira and the incomparable Robert Saenz.

The hair stylists/salons are Robert Saenz, Indigo Verton, Shasta Richard, Orange Salon, Rolf's Salon, Atmosphere Salon, and the crazy man himself, Ethan Murray the owner of Urban Hair.

Of course, I'd also like to thank the Labelhorde girls . . . Angela Johnson, Rhonda Zayas, Joanna Manganaro and the fifth beetle, Daisy Rast. The hard work, skill and talent of all these people made the photography possible.

Thank you.

Scott Morrow

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